Air Filtration Control

Protect Your Plants from Pests, Pathogens, and Wildfire Smoke

Air Filtration –  Your First Line of Defense

At BW Greenhouse, we’re dedicated to helping you create the best environment for your plants. Our top-tier Air Filtration Systems are designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re growing delicate flowers, medicinal products, fresh vegetables, or aromatic herbs, we’ve got the perfect solution to keep your Greenhouse air clean and your plants happy.

Air Filters
Greenhouse and air filter

Why Air Filtration is Essential:

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  1. Protect Your Plants: Our Air Filtration helps ensure the air in your Greenhouse is of the highest quality. Whether the Air Filtration is thrip mesh or MERV13, it helps keep out pests, pathogens, and even wildfire smoke (with MERV 13 filters), ensuring your plants have a safe and healthy environment to grow in.  Clean, healthy plants produce more and are more resilient.
  2. Prevent Odour Emissions: Some of our Air Filtration Systems can also prevent unwanted odors from escaping your BW Greenhouse into the surrounding environment.  Happy neighbours are especially important if you’re near homes or other businesses.  Some jurisdictions require air filtration systems for cultivation of certain crops to prevent odor emissions.  BW Air Filtration Systems offer the perfect solution.
  3. Simple Maintenance: Running a Greenhouse is hard work and labor is hard to find, so BW Greenhouse has made sure our Air Filtration Systems are easy to monitor and maintain. You can spend more time focusing on cultivation and less on maintenance.
  4. Customized for You: Every Greenhouse is unique. Every grower is unique.  One size does not fit all.  That’s why the BW Greenhouse Team invests the time to understand your projects and goals in order to create a filtration system that fits your needs, budget, and plans. No matter the size or type of your Greenhouse, we’ve got you covered.

Selecting the Right Air Filtration for You:

Call or email us for more details.  We’ll use our 44 years of industry experience to help you choose the right system for your needs. 

If you are looking at larger commercial Greenhouses or Controlled Environment Growing (CEA) facilities, our BW FREEFLOW Greenhouses are 100% Sealed and have specially designed filters that lower maintenance costs and increase performance.  For more information, see our BW FREEFLOW page.

Air Filtering in Greenhouses

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