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The whole is more than the sum of all the parts

BW Greenhouse has everything that you need to build, repair and upgrade your Greenhouse. We supply as a multitude of different types of parts.  Here are the most popular sections below:

poly roll rewinder


Polyethylene plastic is a cost-effective way to cover greenhouse structures. It’s simple to install and costs significantly less than glass panels. Our polyethylene has a UV stabilization warranty of four years.

polycarbonate sheet


Polycarbonate is a class of thermoplastic polymers commonly utilized in greenhouse construction. It is incredibly strong and durable and is capable of withstanding adverse conditions.

greenhouse ground cover

Ground Cover

Ground Cover is a piece of woven plastic. It acts as a protective layer that protects the ground and your plants from erosion and weeds.

shade cloth

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is used to shield plants from excessive sun exposure. Additionally, it is used to increase light diffusion for your plants. Colour is a critical factor to consider when buying a shade clothier in your greenhouse.

Roll-up Equipment

Roll-up Equipment

Roll-up sides are the cheapest way to ventilate your greenhouse. Roll-up sides allow for natural cooling without ventilation systems in your greenhouse.

greenhouse heating equipment

Heating Equipment

You may need to think about heating your greenhouse if you wish to grow year-round and/or keep your greenhouse warm at night.

three round ventilation equipment

Ventilation Equipment

Plants are vulnerable to various problems if the greenhouse is not adequately ventilated. Ventilation ensures that your plants get plenty of fresh air to help them photosynthesize. Furthermore, proper ventilation prevents pest infestations and promotes essential pollination within the greenhouse.

roll up door


Choosing the right greenhouse door is crucial to ensure that your greenhouse is energy efficient and secure. A poorly insulated greenhouse is harmful to the plants that grow inside it, and it can also increase energy expenditures during the winter months.

Aluminum & Steel Profiles

Aluminum’s excellent strength-to-weight ratio, as well as its flexibility to be extruded into any shape – no matter how complex – with strict tolerances, makes it an ideal material for design applications like greenhouses that require maximum adaptability from a cross-sectional area.

nuts & bolts


We supply all the hardware you need to build your greenhouse, and if you need to replace or need a more specific part, we’ve got it!

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