About BW Greenhouse

About BW Greenhouse

Evolution of BW Greenhouse and BW GLOBAL

BW GLOBAL is one of Canada’s most innovative companies and the leading provider of solutions for the global issues of food and water. Focused on evolving the production of food and plants in controlled environments, they are endeavouring to solve these issues because they are issues that affect the entire world’s population.

Adopting and evolving proven technologies, BW GLOBAL, through its BW Greenhouse® division, offers clients polyethylene and polycarbonate greenhouses and growth rooms that use innovative structures and technologically advanced materials and systems to increase the production of vegetables, flowers, and other nursery plant stock.

Its GUARDIAN Shelters®’ line of products also offers the most robust wide span of steel-framed, membrane or fabric structures for the agricultural, commercial, and industrial sectors.

BW GLOBAL works together to enhance controlled environment agriculture through new technology, refined designs and improved thinking on its mission to be a leading provider of solutions for global food and water issues. BW Greenhouses and BW GLOBAL are currently working on projects worldwide.

BW Careers

We believe it’s essential to engage in meaningful and enjoyable work.  At BW Global, we’re constantly looking for new, world-class talent that wants to learn, help, and contribute.

Work Hard.  Have Fun.  Make History.

We are interested in finding people who can improve our mission and help grow BW Global.  We’re constantly improving upon addressing people’s health and well-being and know that our team members are a great compliment to our business and success.  IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR TEAM, PLEASE SEND US A RESUME AND COVER LETTER, AND WE WILL BE HAPPY TO CONSIDER YOUR APPLICATION AND FIND YOU THE PERFECT POSITION WITH OUR COMPANY.  CONTACT US TODAY

BW Cares

We believe in supporting organizations that help people and our communities.

Food is a global issue and truly affects humanity in the most basic ways.  It is an issue very close to our hearts at BW Greenhouse, so we are constantly improving upon addressing people’s health and well-being.

We support and participate in many organizations and not-for-profit systems that work to better the world we all live in.  Here are some of the current projects we’re proud to be associated with:

Okanagan Correctional Centre (Oliver, BC) – BW Global has put together innovative curriculums and programs around agriculture to allow inmates to find purpose and rehabilitate while growing food to feed the prison population.  From a productivity and break-the-cycle point of view, this project helps inmates become skilled to help address society’s problems upon release.

Sole Food Farms (Greater Vancouver, BC) – BW Global is an infrastructure partner with Sole Food Street Farms.  This company provides jobs, agricultural training, and inclusion to individuals with multiple life barriers.  Its mission is to empower individuals with limited resources.

Among these specific examples, at BW Global, we provide ongoing support to other members of our communities and surrounding areas.  We believe in helping youth, at-risk youth, first responders, police, firefighters, veterans, and others to rehabilitate themselves through BW Cares.  PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU’D LIKE TO GET INVOLVED WITH BW CARES TODAY!

All BW Greenhouse® products and services are about helping you achieve your growth goals, whether they include growing for profit, growing to feed your family or growing as a relaxing hobby.

We believe that actions speak louder than words, and we do our best to help.  We are committed to helping our clients and helping our communities and our team member in every way possible.  Life is a journey, and our passion is to make that journey as enjoyable, safe, fulfilling and profitable (in its broadest definition) as possible.

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