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Controlled Growing Evolved by Technology

We answer the ever evolving questions around food access, food production and food safety, and at the center of it all are the systems that allow you to automate and control every aspect of your growing cycle.

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Air Filtration Control

Protect your growing environment and avoid any unpleasant odours from leaving your greenhouse. Air filtration protects your crop by preventing any pests or pathogens from entering your greenhouse.

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Benches provide a sturdy, well-drained surface on which plants can grow. Benches can have a rolling top or be a static top and can be moveable or stationary.

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Control System

Automate your greenhouse’s equipment to meet the needs of your crops’ growing process.  The system keeps track of humidity, shade, fogging and turns equipment on and off when needed.  A control system exists no matter the size of your greenhouse.

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Heating System

BW Greenhouse provides three different types of heating systems. Stand-alone unit heaters are critical to protecting plants from the cold and maintaining the needed temperature in your greenhouse and can use propane, natural gas or electricity. Hydronic systems consist of a central boiler with pipes and pumps. Hot water is circulated through pipes and delivered to the greenhouse can control the temperature in hot water systems to match the heat requirement for your crop. Below the bench, heating is used to create a warm envelope around the roots of the crops. Warm roots help the plants grow stronger and faster. Unit heaters create a circulation of hot air that moves around the greenhouse.

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Irrigation & Fertigation System

Irrigation and fertigation systems feed and water your plants automatically. The system moves fertilizer and water to the crop. These fully customizable solutions can be as big or as small as you need.

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Lights System

Supplemental lighting aids plant growth by making them bigger and stronger. Grow lights are an excellent substitute for the sun’s UV rays if you have lower levels of sunlight in your greenhouse. BW Greenhouse supplies LEDs that are superior energy savers and HPS for proven performance.

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High-Pressure Fogging

Fogging systems are used to regulate the temperature and humidity of greenhouses.  Microscopic water droplets are introduced into the air above the crop to cool the environment and regulate the temperature of the growing area in your Greenhouse.  High pressure fogging helps control the humidity and the temperature, making the environment better for your crop.

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Photoperiod Control System

The ability to manage photoperiod gives you a lot of control over the growth of your crop.  Some crops require specific amounts of daylight and darkness to thrive.  An automated curtain system allows you to give your crop the exact amount of light necessary for your crop.

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Ventilation System

Ventilation helps regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse.  It also helps manage the humidity by letting the air inside the greenhouse escape.  Ambient air from the outside replaces the warmer indoor air, creating a more comfortable environment for your crop.  We know that growing is not a one size fits all operation.  That is why we design ventilation systems for your specific environment and your greenhouse.

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