Ground Cover

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greenhouse ground cover


Ground Cover consists of UV-stabilized 3.2 oz polypropylene, which is resists to punctures and weed growth penetration. It is striped every 12 inches to aid in plant alignment and row spacing.

Typically used in Greenhouses and garden beds where weed suppression is a must.

Standard Widths:

  • 10′ wide
  • 12′ wide
  • 15’6″ wide


Reflect even more light back to your plants.

Standard widths:

  • 12′ wide
  • We stock white ground cover in both 12’ and 15’ widths. They come with printed lines to help with plant alignment.  It is UV resistant and it also allows water to drain

Ground Cover HARDWARE

  • Ground Staples
  • We stock ground staples which are used to tack the ground cover to the ground holding it in place and reduces the possibility of tripping.

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