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Our team becomes your team. We focus on what makes you great and thats allows us to help you achieve your goals. From planning, to design, engineering and construction, we can do it all.

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Our experienced construction crew ensures a hassle-free build for your project. With over 40 years of building expertise, our team is well versed with the product, highly trained to overcome site conditions and focused on quality craft. BW Greenhouse teams are available to complete your project while delivering superior results and ensuring customer satisfaction. Using the BW Greenhouse construction team helps take the hassle out of the building process.


Repairs and re-coverings are part of the maintenance and upkeep of any Greenhouse. BW Greenhouse can help! Our trained team will minimize downtime, and the work is complete in an approved and safe manner. Because we carry an extensive supply of materials and fabricate in-house, we can assist you quickly and tackle all your repair needs. BW Greenhouse teams can help protect your crop from a broken or defective structure.

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Helping clients make their growing dreams a reality is the focus of BW Greenhouses. We can provide a project manager to oversee the entire process of planning, design, construction, and start-up of your projects. Meeting important milestones and ensuring that issues are addressed to avoid delays makes the investment in a project manager a valuable asset. BW Greenhouse project managers work for you to ensure your project is a success.


Custom Solutions are often required for specific projects.  BW Greenhouse works closely with our team of engineers to ensure your ideas get translated to reality.  BW Greenhouse designers will work closely with you from custom garden centers to plant-specific growing structures to ensure a successful project.  Our team designs structures to meet Farm Code requirements and full commercial code structures.  Coupled with our manufacturing facility, we can design, manufacture and build your dream facility.

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