Shade Cloth

BW GLOBAL Structures is known for its rugged structures, able to withstand the weather extremes and for working with its clients to develop the right solution for them.

Shade Cloth black


Our knitted shade cloth is made from 100% UV stabilized polyethylene. Its unique lock stitch construction will not unravel. Its durability make it a great choice for all types of shade applications. Available in shade blocking percentages from 30% – 70% with special order.

Standard Sizes:

  • 70% black 12’ wide
  • 50% black 12’ wide
  • 50% black 26’ wide
  • 50% black 32’ wide
  • custom colours and percentages available upon request
shade cloth


Standard Sizes:

  • 50% white 12’ wide
  • 50% white 26’ wide
  • 50% white 32’ wide
  • custom colours and percentages available upon request


Aluminet is a high quality reflective metalized HDPE knitted screen. Used in greenhouse thermal screens and as an alternative to black shade cloth. It is specially treated to prevent oxidation and protects against frost radiation damages. Also repels pests and thrips, moderates day/night temperatures. Easy to install due to light weight and high elasticity.

Standard Sizes:

  • 70% Aluminet 12’ wide
  • custom percentages available upon request

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